Dillon D'Arcy Solicitors | Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Data Protection
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Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Intellectual property protects the fruits of creative endeavour and is the bedrock of the information society in which we live. It can largely be broken into two areas:
The traditional areas of IP Protection.
The newly evolved area of Technology.

In matters of Intellectual property – you can either have a registered right or an unregistered right. Registered rights normally take priority but Unregistered rights can be very powerful too, particularly if older.

However complex the problem – remember the secret is to keep things simple!

Intellectual Property Protections

  • Trade Mark
  • Copyright
  • Design Rights
  • Patents
  • Passing Off

Software and Data

  • Software Licensing and Maintenance
  • Website protection
  • Data Protection
  • Moral Rights
  • Data Base Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Internet selling and Distance Contracts
  • Consumer Protection
  • E-Commerce
  • Outsourcing